Family of Moss Bluff man not surprised by funny obituary

Photo courtesy: KPLC

MOSS BLUFF, LA (KPLC) – The obituary a Moss Bluff man wrote for himself has gone viral on social media.

The crafty jokes and play-on-words surprised many people but came as no surprise to those who knew him best.

Jim Groth wrote the obituary after he was diagnosed with cancer in the spring.

Now one of his closest friends says he’s not surprised one of the last things he’d do with his life is make people laugh.

There were a few tears but mostly laughs at his memorial service Saturday.

Wayne Smith, Groth’s friend, said the funeral was unforgettable.

“This will never be forgotten. It’s a celebration of his life,” he said.

Smith knew Groth for the past 18 years. They became fast friends–bonding over comedy.

“There was absolutely no surprise whatsoever when I saw that and for sure when his family saw that because we’ve seen that from Jim forever,” Smith said.

The obituary quickly went viral after being made public online.

“He could make a funny situation out of anything. I mean absolutely anything,” Smith said.

Not even death could escape Groth’s comedic timing. Smith said he saw his battle with cancer much like he viewed everything else– a great opportunity to craft the perfect sarcastic comment.

“Knowing he was going to pass away months ahead gave him plenty of time to prepare for that because that’s something he wrote and thought about and he knew that he didn’t want this to be a sad day,” he said.

But beyond the jokes he called his friend a great coach, a pillar of the community and a giving soul.

“He gives of himself completely all the time and he hardly ever takes in return and this community’s going to miss that…they really are,” he said.

Employees at Hixson funeral home say they’ve never seen anything quite like the obituary.

To read the full obituary for yourself click here.

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