Group on a mission to stop violence in Lafayette

The shootings in Lafayette have become a familiar scene.

“Senseless shooting, senseless killing,” says Joshua Edmonds.

In the past twelve days there have been seven shootings with 14 injured people sent to the hospital. Six people were killed, including two suicides.

One local group called Unity is on a mission to stop the violence. “We are trying to show the community that we are here. We went and saw the guy who got shot Wednesday on North Loop. I went to visit him, me and my wife. We went to speak to him to say listen this is all a lesson for God to show you a better way,” says Joshua Edmonds.
After organizing a city wide march on Saturday, Edmond says it’s disappointing to see violence yet again on Monday morning. “We’ve got to be more proactive than reactive. We can’t wait until it happens to us to make a change. We have to do some preventive maintenance to try to get this stuff together. It takes a village to raise a kid, and we have to do a better job,” says Edmonds.

Yet again, a second shooting took place on Monday afternoon.
“It’s sad to see that happening in simple old Lafayette. All lies matter with unity… we are going to make everything right. If somebody gets hurt in River Ranch, it’s like somebody got hurt on the North Side. It affects unity to our heart… we love everybody.” says Edmonds.

Edmonds says Unity is in the process of planning future “Stop the Violence” marches, and other events to encourage peace in the community.

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