LPSS opens call centers for back to school questions

The following is a release from the Lafayette Parish School System

Photo Credit: KLFY

The Lafayette Parish School System will be opening two call centers to help answer questions parents may have as the school year begins. The first call center will be operational from August 4th through August 21st from 7:30-4:30 on weekdays and will field calls with questions about transportation. Parents with questions about transportation should call 232-RIDE.

The second call center will field any other questions parents may have as school opens. Retired teachers have volunteered to work the call center. It will be open on the following dates and times.
August 6, 7:30-3:30
August 7, 7:30-3:30
August 10, 7:30-11:30
August 11, 7:30-3:30
August 12, 7:30-3:30
August 13, 7:30-11:30
August 14, 7:30-11:30
August 17, 7:30-11:30
August 18, 7:30-11:30
Parents with questions about anything other than transportation should call 291-HELP during the call center’s hours of operation for assistance.

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