Teachers, students preparing for the new school year in St. Landry Parish

Students in St. Landry Parish are heading back to school soon.

School is just around the corner and Lawtell Elementary was buzzing Monday as teachers began getting their classrooms prepared for the new year.  Teachers and even some students are doing their part to get the classrooms ready for the first day of school.

Social Studies Teacher Georgia Edwards says she spent the entire summer preparing. “Teachers are forever at work. We say vacation, but we are always busy preparing, thinking ahead for the kids.”

Edwards says the staff is currently getting ready for their annual meet and greet. The orientation will be held Wednesday, August 12th from 2-4 p.m. She says the meet and greet is a great way help students get acclimated for the new year. “At the beginning of the school year they come, they bring in their school supplies. They meet their teachers so when they come the very next day, we already have that on the way and we can get started with the day.”

This year is extra exciting for Lawtell Elementary because they are implementing two big changes to their curriculum.

Amanda Louviere, the 5th and 6th grade science teacher says the school is switching over to wireless technology.

Lawtell will also make changes to their English and math programs as well.

Louviere says these changes will make a big difference in the classroom. “With E-L-A they are going more novel based whenever they are working with stories and novels in their curriculum. And with the upper grade math, the series they will be getting will correlate with computer software. So, they can kind of monitor themselves with computers as well.”

Edwards says she is excited about the changes being made and is looking forward to the new year. “The summer is coming an end and we look forward to the new year. I’m very excited.”

School starts back on Thursday, August 13th.

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