Construction continuing with St. Martin Parish students heading back to school

For students in St. Martin Parish schools summer is officially over and the first day of school begins on Thursday. However, some construction will not be “first day ready”.

Breaux Bridge Elementary School has moved to a new location on St. Charles Street. While the school is ready for the most part, the cafeteria won’t be finished until next month. The original plan was to have the cafeteria workers double-up at Breaux Bridge Primary School which is located on the same campus as the new elementary school. Superintendent Dr. Lottie Beebe decided that would be too difficult. “Since we have access to the cafeteria at the Breaux Bridge site on West Bridge Street. We can prepare the food and then the food will be satellited over to the new site.”

The old Breaux Bridge Elementary building will now be a career center. The center is a part of the Jump Start initiative. The center willI will offer juniors and seniors focus classes in areas such as oil and gas, electrical, cosmetology, nursing and more. That center is still waiting on final touches.

“I know many people are eager to have that facility open. We have staff in place. We are doing some last minute touch ups.” says Beebe.

Some computers were recently stolen from the Cecilia Health unit, which serves students from Cecilia Primary, Teche Elementary, Cecilia Junior High, and Cecilia Senior High Schools. Beebe says the burglary won’t affect services. “A report was made, protocol followed and it’s unfortunate but I have not received a recent report but it was investigated.” said Beebe

Beebe asks parents to be patient with the changes happening especially when driving their elementary students to the new location.


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