Dial Dalfred- New Iberia community parks have improvements coming soon

In New Iberia, parks like West End that have not seen significant upgrades in quite some time, can expect new equipment thanks to the New Iberia City Park Playground Enhancement Project.

The original idea was to raise $250,000 for new playground equipment in City Park. The enhancement project members teamed up with On Tap to create the Acadiana Dragon Boat Festival. Money raised from the festival went toward playground equipment for the park.

Angela Cestia, with the New Iberia City Park Enhancement Project, “After completing this project we asked parks and recreation for a list of projects that they would like to complete.”

Heather Dominique with Parks and Rec provided a list of seven sites that desperately need a facelift, including West End and Dale Street parks. “We chose these parks because they are items in each of those parks that need some upgrading.” Upgrades will include new slides, swings and spring riders. “Kids really love and enjoy swimming and playing on the slides so that was primarily why we chose those items.”

So, Dominique and her staff evaluated parks and the city, came up with a list, and handed it over to enhancement project members.

Cestia says, “From their wish list we were able to fund the entire list from the dragon boat money.”

The Playground Enhancement Project is made of seven members who simply want to provide a safe and productive place for the children of New Iberia.

Jeanne Haik, with the New Iberia City Park Enhancement Project, says, “We’re trying to continue that to continue to enhance the parks.”

The superintendent of parks and recreation Heather Dominique says construction should begin within the next six weeks.

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