Businesses, customers preparing for Louisiana’s tax free weekend

With students throughout Acadiana preparing to head back to school, the timing is good for Louisiana’s tax free weekend, which kicks off on Friday and lasts until the close of business on Saturday.

Customers and employees in the Acadiana Mall say they are more than ready to save big.

Michelle Moss, a customer, says, “I’m going to wait for this weekend and do all my shopping then for my child and school.”

An Acadiana Mall employee, Ravyn Jospeh, says, “We’ll be fully staffed Friday and Saturday so everybody will be taken care of and customers won’t have to wait so we’re ready.”

This year’s tax free holiday only applies to the 4% state sales tax. According to the Louisiana Department of Revenue, shoppers can spend up to $2500 on qualifying purchases. They also say shoppers should also remember to keep their receipts for any back to school items they buy.  Many of those purchases including supplies, electronics and uniforms may also qualify for tax deductions when filing your 2015 tax returns.

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