Iberia Parish preparing for upcoming school year

School starts on Friday in Iberia Parish and while most students have been out of the classroom and enjoying that summer vacation, there’s still construction crews on site as upgrades are taking place on several campuses.

While most preparations seem like nothing out of the ordinary, there is one major change taking place in cafeterias across the parish and its impact will be immeasurable.

Dale Henderson, IPSS Superintendent, says “And that means that all students, all of our students will eat free of charge, breakfast and lunch.”

Loreauville Elementary is one of 27 public schools in Iberia Parish. Parents and teachers attending Thursday’s orientation used these final moments to make sure they are prepared before doors officially open on Friday.

Henderson says, “We are expecting a great school year. Buses will run, will serve breakfast and lunch in our cafeterias, 27 schools, a little over 900 teachers, probably close to 14,000 students tomorrow and we are ready to roll!”

A few schools also got new turf football fields- Westgate and New Iberia Senior high both of which are still under construction.

Jeanerette Senior High also got a major facelift which Henderson says, “It’s a $4.3 million auditorium that was originally slated for the school when it was built in the mid-70s but never was built, and so that auditorium is completed.”

Just in case you’re wondering why school starts on Friday? This day is typically used to familiarize students with teachers and vice versa.

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