Lafayette police reminds drivers to take caution with school buses on the road

Schools are getting ready for the new year and that means school buses will be back on the roads. With Lafayette Parish Schools starting back next Thursday, Lafayette Police are reminding drivers to take caution while sharing the road with school buses.

Many are buying supplies and clothes to make sure they are ready for the first day of school, but what many probably aren’t thinking about is the amount of traffic that roads will see during those first few days.

Lafayette Police CPL. Paul Mouton urges drivers to have a plan for the first day back. “Now is the time to prepare for when you are going to be driving to and from school. If you are going to be passing through a school zone, you need to add a little more on your time to and from work. Because there will be a larger amount of traffic. Especially when it’s the first, second, third day of school.”

Mouton says speeding in school zones is a major problem when school starts.  He asks drivers to pay close attention to school zones and cross walks because there will be more children out on the streets. “People just get out of the routine of passing through these school zones when schools are in session. So initially we have a lot of speeders  that do not slow sown to those posted speeds during the schools times.”

Mouton also reminds drivers to pay attention to buses. It’s illegal to pass a school bus when its stop sign is out.

“Children maybe rushing to get on the bus or to meet the bus. They cross an intersection, they cross a road without looking. So when you see a school bus traveling you should be cautious to begin with, but when you see those placards come out you have to come to a stop until he either off loads or loads children onto the bus.” says Mouton.



Mouton says extra officers will be on duty to help regulate safety during the first few weeks of school.

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