New security cameras in Ville Platte will help officers respond to crimes quicker

Ville Platte Police have some new security cameras in the city to give them some extra sets of eyes.

Officials said they’ll help officers respond to crimes quicker. They’ve been on the streets for ten days now and citizens say they already feel safer going out at night.

“Things are getting done,” says Jenita Martin.

Police have strategically placed cameras throughout the streets of Ville Platte. Mayor Jennifer Vidrine says their locations are being kept hidden from the public. She says the cameras run in real-time and are constantly monitored by officers.

Martin is a life-long resident of Ville Platte. She’s relieved to see more being done to help citizens in the community feel protected. “I can remember a long time ago we used to be able to walk the streets, but now things have changed. Now with the new systems, with the new cameras we’ll be able to feel safe to walk the street or go to the store just getting out of the house to maybe do something at the last minute.”

Another resident, Jenny Hayes, agrees. She hopes this will create a safer environment for the elderly.  “Me, myself I don’t come out because I’m too afraid someone is going to hit me in the head or knock me over thinking I have money.”

Mayor Vidrine says eight new officers have been added to the police force. The city has also purchased two new sqaud units and more body cameras. Since the installation of the crime cameras, Vidrine has already noticed a quicker response time.  “There was a fight or brawl breaking out at one of the situations where the cameras are and the police officer was monitoring it, saw it and sent a unit right there. There was a fight going on right there and when the officer got there they were like who called police, no one called the police and he was like we saw it on the camera.”

Vidrine says this was a big expense for the city, and they’re still calculating the total cost.

She’s currently looking into police grants to expand the department even further.

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