How you can stay healthy during the summer heat

After tomorrow all schools will be back in session and that means children will be exposed to the outdoors during this heat wave.

News 10 spoke with the Operations Manager at Acadian Ambulance, Chad Doucet about ways to avoid heat exhaustion. He says since August 1st, they have received 96 calls all related to heat illnesses. Doucet says people should take preventative measures to avoid dehydration by drinking lots of water, electrolytes and Gatorade.

He says they should also follow a few key tips before calling an ambulance. “Trying to hydrate first by drinking water and electrolytes, try to get out of the heat and into the air conditioner. Maybe cool down by putting ice or moist towels and cooling towers on your neck and body to help decrease their body temperature.”

Doucet says symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke are a bit different than those of dehydration.

He says the symptoms of a heatstroke are the body stops producing sweat, profound headaches and then passing out.

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