Jeff Davis Parish deputy saves 3 from house fire

Photo credit: Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff's Office

Law enforcement is prepared to put their lives on the line at any moment.

On Tuesday, one Jefferson Davis deputy answered the call of duty, saving the lives of three Lacassine residents in a house fire.

“You wanted to stand behind something because it was so hot.” says Deputy Josh Bienvenue, who was first to arrive at the burning home on Dugas Street early Tuesday.

When neighbors told him three people were still inside, Bienvenue’s instincts kicked in. He went in through the back door and woke the sleeping family.

“My first reaction is the safety of those people. You forget all about being scared now that someone’s life is on the line. There was no crawl space the smoke was to the floor I was trying to feel around for objects so I wouldn’t walk into anything whenever I got close enough to see there was a bed there is when I could somewhat make out there were objects on the bed and I started yelling. Thankfully, the smoke didn’t get to them yet. They regained consciousness and they started screaming. I can understand how scared I would be if somebody burst through my door yelling at me, but I was yelling at them your house is on fire we need to get y’all out.”

It was a close call. Any later and the family could have died from smoke inhalation. Bienvenue says he’ll never hesitate to put the safety of others before himself. “Every day we wake up knowing that we might not be able to go back home what we’re going to do that day could be end of something for not just us but for somebody else and we want to prevent that. For those people it was a life changing event. For me it was another day at the office.”

The family says they’re thankful for Deputy Bienvenue and local first responders.

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