School in St. Landry Parish incorporating new theme this school year

Many students across Acadiana are heading back to school Thursday. St. Landry Parish is one of four that will be back in full session.

Teachers at Northeast Elementary are preparing the first day of the school year. The teachers are not only looking forward to meeting students for the first time this year, but they are also excited about a brand new theme that’s being incorporated this year.

“We’re going with a reading theme and our reading theme is Dr. Seuss this year so we’re promoting reading 100 percent. So if students can read they won’t have problems in any of the other subjects,” says Daphne Guillory, Principal. Guillory is in her third year as principal at Northeast Elementary. She says this is the first time there has ever been a reading theme for the entire school.

Many of the teachers, such as Chamir Murphy, are decorating their classrooms with Dr. Seuss characters. “We’re going to make sure that our kids have a blast. My first graders will have a chance to read some stories about Dr. Seuss tomorrow. They’ll have a chance to read some stories and make them feel welcome and review some things that may have slipped away during the summer.”

Murphy is also finding more efficient ways of teaching the common core curriculum. “I’m going to read the story one fish, two fish to the children and then they will come up and find facts and give answers to facts because one of the goals this year with common core is to teach the children how to add and subtract through sums of ten.”

Charla Guillory is a kindergarten teacher. She says what she is most excited about is seeing the new little people she will be teaching this year. “Act silly, be creative and just do out of the ordinary things to keep their interest. I’ve been teaching kindergarten for 7 years and I love it. I love the babies.”
All of them said they are looking forward to another year of learning and throwing in some fun at the same time.

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