Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Department honors courageous cops

Five members of the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office were recognized Wednesday for their service to the community and courage in the line of duty.

The event honored law enforcement officials who have solved difficult cases or displayed unusual courage in the line of duty, according to Iberia Parish Sheriff Louis Ackal.

The event took place at the New Iberia City Park Recreation Building.

The details of the incidents are described by their Supervisors.  They are as Follows:

Lt. Grant August and Deputy Jacques Leblanc

On December 3, 2013, Sgt Grant August of the impact team and deputy Jacques Leblanc of the narcotics division responded to Sonic on East Admiral Doyle Drive in reference to an attempted suicide complaint.  Upon arrival, they observed that the victim was lying on the ground, losing a significant amount of blood from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the lower leg.

Sgt August and Deputy Leblanc had recently attended department training on tactical medicine and tourniquet application. Sgt August and Deputy Leblanc, utilizing their training, quickly reacted.  Deputy Leblanc held the victim’s injured leg while Sgt. August applied a tourniquet that he obtained from LeBlanc’s duty belt, to the upper portion of the victim’s wounded leg.

Sgt August and Deputy Leblanc’s swift reaction and willingness to act and apply their training to a real world situation likely saved the victim’s life.  Let this letter of commendation also serve as my recommendation that Sgt August and Deputy Leblanc receive the lifesaving award.  Sgt Grant August and Deputy Jacques Leblanc are a credit to themselves, the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office, and Iberia Parish.

Corporal Lucas Plauche

On July 28, 2013 at 1445 Hours, Corporal Lucas Plauche was dispatched to the residence of 5014 Brian Boulevard in regard to an infant that was unresponsive. Upon arrival at the residence 1451 hours, the mother (Ms Blair Bonin) of the child (Guage Bonin) was attempting to resusitate the 2 year old infant. The mother of the of the child was not familiar with Infant Cardio Pulminary Resesitation (CPR). Corporal Plauche immediantly identified the mothers inability of administering the necessary medical requirements to the child and assumed administration of Infant CPR.

Corporal Plauche administered Infant CPR for approximately 5 minutes to the child before any signs of life became evident. The child vomitted what appeared to be a cereal substance, then water and then released an ear piercing scream. Corporal Plauche then handed the child back to his mother. Acadian Ambulance # 26 arrived at the residence at 1457 hours and arrived at Dauterive Hospital at 1508 hours.

Corporal Plauche was later informed that the child slipped away from the mothers direct supervision for a short period  of time, opened a gate to their pool and entered the 4 foot deep pool. The mother advised she frantically searched for the child and ultimately located the child face down in their pool lifeless, with blue lips.

This is without any doubt a life of an infant child that has been saved by you, Corporal Lucas Plauche. The family that you aided on this date will forever be grateful for what you did for them. The child will ultimately grow up and be reminded of what could have been a tragic end if you had not been present. Through knowledge you’ve gained, you represented the Iberia Parish Sheriff Office on this incident in a manner of utmost Care, Sensitivity and Devotion.

Your commitment to the Iberia Parish Shriff’s Office has not gone without notice.

Ssg. Lony Romero

Deputy Albert Babineaux

In the early morning hours of September 2, 2013, Deputy Albert Babineaux was dispatched to 309 Gorham Alley in reference to a house fire.  While in route to the call, deputies were informed that a female was trapped inside the upstairs portion of the residence.

Deputy Babineaux arrived first and, without hesitation or regard for his own safety, entered the burning structure.  Deputy Babineaux had to navigate through heavy smoke, eventually coming to a closed door.  Babineaux was able to force the door open.  Babineaux observed heavy flames in the room.  Babineaux retreated, only long enough to get a fresh breath of air, and re-entered the upstairs area to continue the search for the trapped female.  Deputy Babineaux and Corporal Perego were eventually able to locate the trapped female crying for help.  The female was subsequently removed from the residence and survived.

Deputy Babineaux entered a burning building with no regard for his own life and safety, putting the life of a trapped female before his.  I believe it was due to the courage of the responding deputies that the female’s life was saved.  Deputy Babineaux has been a tremendous asset to the patrol division and the Iberia parish sheriff’s office, and his courageous actions during this incident solidify that claim.  Let this letter serve as my recommendation that deputy albert Babineaux receives the lifesaving award.  Deputy Babineaux is a credit to himself, the Iberia parish sheriff’s office, and the parish of Iberia.


Lt Jeff Schmidt

FTO Coordinator


Captain Eugene Mathews

On January 13, 2013 at approximately 5:28 AM deputy Eugene Mathews was dispatched to 923 W. Main Street in reference to a possible theft. Upon arrival, deputy Mathews spoke to the victim and took an initial complaint.  While at that call, a vehicle crash was dispatched to deputies near the area of Captain Mathews.  Captain Mathews went to the area of the crash and located a vehicle engulfed in flames.  Captain Mathews, with no regard of his own safety, ran to the vehicle and attempted to open the door with no success.  Captain Mathews, only thinking of the safety of the driver, broke out the window of the vehicle.  He then was able to observe the driver of the vehicle curled up on the back seat of the vehicle. With no regards to his safety, Captain Mathews relied on his training and reached into the still fully engulfed vehicle, grabbed the driver and pulled her to safety with only seconds to spare.  The victim was later transported to Lafayette General’s Burn Unit.

Sgt. Eric Segura





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