Dog remains found in bags on side of road in New Iberia

Photo: Carly Laing/ KLFY

A local resident was driving along Segura Road when she stumbled upon a bag of dog food, and when she looked inside, she was horrified at what she found.

On August 13th Elizabeth Mauney discovered this disturbing sight. Two Ol Roy dog food bags filled with bones and the remains of what appeared to be the body of a dog.

“I could see clearly that there was a dead dog hanging out of the bag. It did have a collar on it and from what I could see in the bag there were one or two more collars in the bag.” Says Mauney.

The bags were found near the intersection of Segura and Adras Road in New Iberia. More remains, bones and collars were also found around the area.

Mauney says she immediately called the police. “It was disturbing. I mean I was taken back immediately. I remember kind of getting teary eyed when I talked to the dispatcher. It was just sad like you don’t expect to see that on the side of the road.”

A few weeks later on August 28th Mauney went back to get an address for police. When she arrived she was shocked to find a third bag filled with more animal remains.

“That’s when I looked inside the bags and saw what I saw, so whoever was dumping the dogs was dumping again.” says Mauney.

The Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office is still investigating the case. Major Ryan Turner says investigators believe they determined the breed of the dogs.” The dogs were a beagle breed and they looked into it a little further and determined that the dogs had possibly been shot.”

Mauney says she hopes whoever did this gets caught soon.

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