How to stay safe during Labor Day weekend

Photo: KLFY

Labor Day is the holiday for the working people in America. For many, this long weekend means the perfect get away or a “staycation”.

Gas prices are the lowest they have been around this time in over a decade which means more people are going to be taking advantage and traveling. This can also lead to traffic across Acadiana.

Master Trooper Brooks David predicts that traffic will be heavy but it will be the heaviest Friday evening and late Sunday. The DOTD will shut down all road construction on I10 for the holiday weekend to prevent traffic for people heading to Baton Rouge for LSU’s first home game, beaches, or other Labor Day Festivities. So, this means no traffic unless there is an accident.

Master Trooper David also says, “On the interstate systems and on the state highway systems, what we are looking for are impaired drivers, speeding and aggressive drivers, and obviously on the bridge we are going to be targeting people for following too closely. We do expect a large influx of traffic and we will also be looking for teens, newer drivers on the roadway.”

It is against the law for new drivers of 16 years of age to drive between the hours of 11 pm through 5 am without a licensed immediate family member, 21 years or older.

Law enforcement officers say they cannot stress how much they want people to be safe on the roads.

This year, AAA anticipates 35.5 million Americans to be hitting the streets over the weekend.

Brooks says that in Louisiana it is against the law to drink and drive, to have an open container in a vehicle and to text while driving. He says that if you have to use your phone for directions to raise the volume and place it somewhere else, but to not have it in your hand while your engine is running.  It is also advised to have a designated driver and to plan ahead.

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