Nickelodeon could revive some of its classic shows

Remember the green slime on “You Can’t Do That on Television”? Well, it could return. Nickelodeon is considering bringing back some of its classic children’s TV series.

Russell Hicks, president of content and development at Nickelodeon, told Variety the network could revive shows such as “Rugrats,” “You Can’t Do That on Television,” “Victorious” and “Hey Arnold!”

“We are looking at our library to bring back ideas, shows that were loved, in a fresh new way,” he said.

Though he didn’t elaborate, Hicks did point out that the children who grew up on Nickelodeon — when it rose to prominence in the ’80s — now have kids of their own.

Hey, Nickelodeon, while you’re at it, we also vote for a reboot of “Double Dare,” or how about “Mr. Wizard’s World”? And who remembers “Pinwheel”?

OK, now we’re dating ourselves …

Tell us: Do you think Nickelodeon should reboot some of its classic shows?

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