North Lafayette improvements proposed at meeting

A special meeting was held at city hall on Thursday where council members will vote on a couple of possible new projects here in north Lafayette.

One of them is to create a pedestrian bridge to cross the Evangeline Thruway near the I-10 intersection. The bridge will stop at the Lafayette Convention & Visitors Commission Welcome Center and then rise again to cross the other half of the divided four-lanes.

District 4 Councilman Kenneth Boudreaux is proposing the project, which he says is long overdue. “I went into the budget, and I found dollars, where are some dollars that have been sitting there for two years or greater. They have not been used and will not be used how we can use them.”

Councilman Boudreaux is proposing a large pedestrian bridge over the Evangeline Thruway, new sidewalks on Carmel Drive and a new parking lot for north Lafayette’s recreation center because the current parking lot is riddled with pot holes.

Lydia Mouton lives on the Northside of town she says she’d like to see some of the same upgrades in her neighborhood as every other part of town “We need progress in that area, because it’s not up to date. Whatever they do everywhere else they should do it also where it’s needed.”

Boudreaux says although north Lafayette isn’t growing as quickly as other areas, that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be improvements. “Where you don’t have the growth pattern taking place and maybe not a whole lot of people giving them a lot of love they get left behind. That’s where representation comes in to make sure we don’t get left behind and projects come in to enhance that quality of life.”

He says safety is also a major concern especially for bicyclists and walkers. “The Carmel Drive area you can go out and see where grass cannot grow because of people walking. Then you have a roadway with 40 miles per hour traffic and you have at least six fatalities on record.”

Dameon Charles, another north Lafayette resident, says getting walkways and a place for bike riders to travel safely is very near to his heart. “There was a person that I knew got hit on bike a couple of years ago and died, so I think it’s important.”

Boudreaux’s proposal would cost about one million dollars. He says they are currently conducting a study with DOTD to get things moving as soon as possible.

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