Scott council ‘roasts’ pig variance

Photo: Dalfred Jones/ KLFY

The boudin capital of the world and the home of the Boudin Festival is Scott. Just in case you didn’t know, the main ingredient in boudin is pork which is why one man is now questioning “the pig ordinance”.

Aaron Valentin, a pig owner, says, “There is an ordinance that states you cannot have pigs inside the city limits of Scott”

The ordinance was passed in 1971, back when Scott was still a town.

Mayor Purvis J. Morrison in Scott, says, “That’s how long ago that the city was basically trying to modernize the city and to address of the quality-of-life issues way back then on people living next-door to someone that might be raising pigs”

That last statement had Valentin licking his “chops”. His entire argument is based around the fact he has 52 acres to choose from when it comes to placement of his pen leaving plenty of space between the pig and the people.

So, Valentin presented his variance with stipulations. “If you have X amount of acreage or litsea they have to be sent back 1000 feet from any dwelling. Not every lot has that kind of adequate space to have a pig.”

Still, Mayor Morrison wasn’t budging. “It’s against the law to have pigs in the city of Scott. That’s it, it doesn’t matter if they stayed in his house”

After none of the council members motioned to pass the variance, it was denied. After speaking with Scott Police Chief, Chad Leger, he says they will meet with Valentin on Friday, and give him a reasonable amount of time relocate the animals.

Valentin says he didn’t know about the ordinance in the two years he’s been on the property. He just found out about it in July.

Chief Leger says he expects Valentin to comply with the ordinance within five to 10 days.

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