Testimony: 15 casings found at LaValley killing scene

Grover Cannon (Photo: File photo)

The man accused of gunning down Shreveport police officer Thomas LaValley was in court Thursday.

Caddo Judge Ramona Emanuel is presiding. Caddo District Attorney Dale Cox is prosecuting. The Capital Defense Project of Southeast Louisiana is defending Grover Cannon, who was arrested following LaValley’s killing on Aug. 5.

Shreveport Police homicide detective Sgt. Shawn Hinderberger was called to the stand to give testimony concerning officer Thomas LaValley’s response to 3527 Del Rio Street.

At least an hour before

  • LaValley was the first on the scene and backup arrived three minutes after shots were fired.
  • 15 shell casings were found: 14 from a .40 caliber pistol and one from a 9 mm pistol.
  • The door to the Queensborough home was open when LaValley arrived. LaValley did not announce his presence when he entered the home.
  • Audio recording from his police car and his shoulder recorder revealed LaValley said “Show me your hands, man” twice and shots were heard on the recording.
  • A neighbor called 9-1-1 after family warned Cannon was rapping about shooting family members and police.
  • LaValley made contact with a mother and daughter before entering the house who advised Cannon, who they addressed by name, had warrants for attempted murder.
  • Police found two unspent .40 caliber bullets in Cannon’s pocket upon arrest. Police also recovered a 9 mm pistol from Cannon with three bullets missing from the magazine.
  • LaValley was shot several times by his own gun from a 12 to 24-inch range.

After a brief recess, court resumed and SPD detective Cpl. David Bonias took the stand. Bonias was on the July 15 attempted second-degree murder case involving Cannon. His testimony revealed:

  • The victim, Darren Williams, was in the 3100 block of Judson Street to sell a car to another man.
  • Williams parked in a vacant lot where several men were hanging out.
  • According to witnesses, Cannon approached Williams mumbling about a rape and pointed a firearm in his face. According to Williams, Cannon approached mumbling about an undecover cop and pointed a firearm in his face.
  • Williams was shot in the right arm after brushing the weapon away from his head, and again in the back while attempting to run away.
  • Two shots were reported being fired, and three 9 mm casings were found.

The Times will have more on this developing story later.

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