When is the Sonic on Pinhook near UL reopening?

The Sonic Drive-In location on Pinhook near the UL campus will reopen soon. A fire closed the location mid-June. (Photo: Megan Wyatt, The Advertiser)

The Sonic Drive-In location on Pinhook Road near the University of Louisiana at Lafayette campus will be reopening soon.

Gary Wilkerson, president of local Sonic franchise group Kergan Bros., expects the location to reopen in two or three weeks.

A kitchen fire forced the Sonic location at 616 W. Pinhook Road to close mid-June. Extensive renovations have taken place over the summer, and the location is just about ready to reopen.

The spot is a favorite for UL students, who have been voicing their opinions now that class is back in session.

“You would think we had 100,000 customers there every day from the number of complaints we’ve gotten,” Wilkerson said with a laugh.

The 40 displaced employees have been working shifts at other Sonic locations throughout Acadiana. Transportation has been provided for those who need it to and from their temporary work sites all summer long.

“It’s been a financial hit on the company,” Wilkerson says. “But we’re nothing without our people.”

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