Acadiana retail workers say Labor Day is another day, another dollar

Photo: KLFY

For many Labor Day is a relaxing three day weekend, but for those in the retail business it’s just another day and another dollar.

The Acadiana Mall was packed on Monday with shoppers trying to save a few bucks.

Catherine Tholborn, key holder at Apricot Lane, says, “The mall was crazy. The amount of people here was ridiculous.”

But, for retail stores the big Labor Day weekend sales are more than just marking down prices. Aeropostale sales associate, Kaleb Stark says they’re also busy for employees. “We had a big wave of people come in. I was at the cash register non-stop.”

Stark says the store holds special shifts called “floor sets” to get the store ready for a new sale. Employees come in after store hours and prepare the floor for the big day. They hang signs, set out new merchandise and program the cash register with the discounted items. “Especially to prepare for holiday and days and especially like Labor Day we have the signs we put up and then in the store all of the signs and banners above the merchandise we change and we do that the exact price so the customers can sees exactly what they are buying.”

Tholborn says business this year was much busier than they had anticipated. “We make our goals based on last year what we did and this year it was a pretty nice goal and we actually exceeded it by far.”

Both Tholborn and Stark say Labor Day and other holidays are just a regular day in the life of retail.

Sales associates also say the Labor Day weekend sale helps prepare them for the upcoming busy holiday shopping season.

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