David Trosclair Memorial fundraiser helps UL students

Brian Campbell, Ph.D., a UL associate professor of Kinesiology, speaks to students during a biomechanics course lecture at Bourgeois Hall in Lafayette on Friday. (Photo: Paul Kieu, The Advertiser)

David Trosclair was an excellent student according to teachers and faculty who knew him.

In August 2010, the 24-year-old Kinesiology major at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette was a senior, about to graduate at the top of his class.

Trosclair’s Kinesiology professor Brian Campbell called him one of the best students he ever had.

“What made David special, was that even though he had a fantastic GPA, he was very active in the club, the Kinesiology Professionals Association,” Campbell said. “He never missed a meeting. He was a model student and to me, the perfect applicant for physical therapy school.”

But one day, Trosclair began feeling ill, possibly with cold symptoms. His mother, Carol Trosclair, said he called her to tell he wasn’t feeling well and was going to take some cold medication.

When he didn’t show up for class, his mother knew something was wrong.

“That wasn’t David. He never missed class,” she recalled. “When they went to check on him, they found him.”

Trosclair died on Aug. 31, 2010, apparently after accidentally taking a fatal mixture of prescription and cold medications. It was a tragedy Carol Trosclair said affects many and she wanted to do something to keep his memory alive, as well as educate others about the dangers of self medicating and wat can happen when you mix the wrong types together.

The Lafayette mother, along with UL, worked to establish the David Trosclair Memorial Scholarship started for students in the kinesiology department.

“Out of a thousand majors, David was the top student,” Trosclair said. “When he passed away accidentally, UL established the David Trosclair Memorial scholarship in kinesiology to acknowledge his academic achievements and carry on his legacy. He was an excellent student and even graduated posthumously.”

Trosclair said several businesses have joined together to help with fundraising for the scholarship effort. She explained that all the money raised will pay for one $5,000 scholarship to an outstanding UL student in Kinesiology and several smaller ones. Tickets that the students sell also help with the students’ professional development.

One of the early supporters of the cause was Todd’s Carwash.

Todd Lemaire, of Todd’s Carwash, said the fundraiser has been successful in the past and is something he looks forward to each year.

“I felt like this was the right thing to do,” Lemaire told the Advertiser in 2012. “It’s a good deal for people and they can come on out and support UL and get their car washed.”

When you purchase a $10 ticket, you can bring the ticket to Todd’s and get a carwash as well as be entered to win a Caribbean cruise donated by Kermit Duhon and Travel Machine.

In addition, September tickets are redeemable at all locations of Todd’s Car Wash for free “Super Works Wash” valued at $20.

In October, tickets are redeemable at Indulge, located at 1921 Kaliste Saloom Road, for a free drip coffee and dessert bite.

The official drawing for the cruise is Nov. 10 in Room 153 of Bourgeois Hall on the UL campus.

Carol Trosclair said she will continue to hold the fundraiser to honor the memory of her son, who, according to teachers, not only excelled in his chosen field, but gave back at the same time.

“David was a diamond in the rough,” said Campbell. “In every winner (of the scholarship) there is a little bit of David that follows them.”

Want to go?

In September, tickets are redeemable at all locations of Todd’s Car Wash for free “Super Works Wash” valued at $20.

In October, tickets are redeemable at Indulge, located at 1921 Kaliste Saloom Rd, for a free drip coffee and desert bite.

The official drawing takes place on November 10, in Room 153 of Bourgeois Hall on the UL campus.

To purchase tickets call Carol Trosclair at 337-255-8155 or email carol8155@cox-internet.com.

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