Lafayette residents react to Obama’s recent executive order

Photo: KLFY

In an effort to show support to working class Americans on Labor Day, President Barack Obama signed an executive order requiring all federal contractors to provide paid sick leave for all of their employees.

Glen Broussard, a Lafayette resident says “They deserve it, they work all year. To take care of their kids and not go to work sick.”

The president’s executive order will go into effect in 2017. Under the order, any employee who works on a federal contract will get one hour of sick time for every thirty hours worked. That’s at least 7 days a year.

Broussard says, “Seven days out of the year that’s just a drop in the bucket for them to pay.”

The president says $300,000 American workers will be affected by this mandate. Glen Broussard of Lafayette says it’s a win-win for all Americans. “As long as it’s no cost to the tax payers, if you get sick and you work for a company you should get sick, everyone should get sick leave.”

The White House says 44-million private sector workers don’t get paid sick leave, that’s 40% of the private-sector workforce.

Melissa Davis, another Lafayette resident, says “The parents shouldn’t be penalized if their child is sick, family should come first.”

Davis says no one should ever get penalized for being sick. “It makes it hard because you miss work, you lose your income and then you have to struggle with your bills.”

White House officials have not commented on exactly how much the mandate would cost contractors.

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