Renovations underway for New Iberia Boys and Girls Club facility

Photo: KLFY

In its current state, the gym is in no condition for activities. That’s because renovations are underway, and in the very near future, students will have a state of the art Boys and Girls Club.

A leaking roof, aging floor and lack of resources were atop the list of needs for the club. After teaming up Cox Communications, Superior Energy, Lowes, Best Buy and the Iberia Parish School Board, the club now has the funds to they need to make state of the art upgrades to the New Iberia facility.

Brian Ford with the Boys and Girls Club says, “Repainting the gym, redoing our heart room, putting in a new ceiling, we’re adding new flooring and some air conditioning upgrades. We’re also adding a steam room and a music studio.”

It’s important to note that students who normally attend the club aren’t left out in the street during the process.

Ford says, “We have a program going on at three of the elementary schools in Iberia. It’s called the Catch 21 Program. It’s very academically focused so we’re serving a tremendous amount of kids that program right now.”

The club does not only act as a place for kids to wait until a guardian comes to pick them up. It’s an environment conducive to learning.

Ford says, “The Boys and Girls Club serves a variety of activities from sports, fitness and recreation, arts, educational programs, academic, health and life skills, character and leadership.”

Ford says he expects the club to be up and running with the next two months.

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