Some play, some work in Acadiana on Labor Day

Photo: KLFY

The weather may be hot outside with temperatures in the 90s, but that’s not stopping residents from enjoying their day off for Labor Day.

Labor Day has been around for 133 years and is the holiday dedicated to American workers. Some families took time this Monday to be out and about out.

News 10 even caught up with a UL Lafayette student who was literally hanging around.

Austin LeBlanc says “I’m just hanging in the park, chilling, reading for English.”

Fishing seemed to be another relaxing activity in Girard Park. While most had the day off, there are still people who have to work holidays to keep us safe, like the folks at Acadian Ambulance.
Brent Hill, the operations supervisor, tells us they run 24 hours a day, even on holidays. “It’s just a regular day; we operate normally around here. We miss the time with our families, but we know that this is an important role that we serve for our community. So, were obligated, but we enjoy being here to help the public to where we can have the emergency services run the way they should ”

Acadian Ambulances dispatch all across south Louisiana up to Alexandria. Officials want people to be safe this holiday and offer tips on what to do if you see an ambulance on the roads.

Hill says, “Put on your right blinker, pull off the road where the ambulance can pass. If they’re behind you, you should signal your right blinker… pull over to the side of the road so an ambulance, police, or fire rescue can pass you safely”

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