Police release report on alleged Cam Jordan incident

Photo Credit: WWLTV

One of two incident reports filed by New Orleans Police detectives in the incident involving a defensive end for the New Orleans Saints, Cameron Jordan, portrays a couple who felt scorned, then blamed. It also says Orleans Parish Sheriff’s deputies working paid details at the club refused to investigate the incident, even though the couple tried to report it to them immediately after it happened.

The names of the couple were redacted by police before they released the report. An additional incident report over the alleged swatting of the woman’s backside is mentioned in the narrative.

Police describe the couple walking into Republic night club in the Warehouse District late Saturday in the report. They passed Jordan on their way in. It then skips to the confrontation in the bathroom that I first reported about on Tuesday.

The man confronts Jordan about why he “was disrespectful” to him and his girlfriend. The man said Jordan replied, “I can have any bitch I want,” and the report says the man told “Mr. Jordan that she’s not a bitch, she’s my girlfriend.”

The police report says Jordan asked the man how much he weighed, then picked him up in public view “while passersby took pictures.” The man told police Jordan said he had struck other people for less, but put him down and let him go.

Later, the couple once again walked by Jordan, Jordan shook hands with the man, but had champagne in his hand. The incident report describes Jordan shaking up the bottle of champagne, pointing it at the woman and dousing her with it.

At that point, the couple said the club bouncers escorted them out of the club “like they were wrong.” Once outside, they told the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s deputies who were working paid details that the incident happened and that they wanted it investigated. According to the report, the deputies refused.

Louisiana State Police officers advised the couple to report the incident to the NOPD. They went to the 8th District Headquarters building in the French Quarter to report it.

The report then goes on to describe the sheriff’s deputies’ reluctance to cooperate with the investigation. One of three told New Orleans Police Sergeant Sam Dupre that the club had been packed and that there were about ten Saints players inside.

Another of the three deputies, according to the report, told Sgt. Dupre that the surveillance cameras only pointed at the bar and the front door and that there was no video of the incident.

We have contacted the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office for comment on the allegations included in the report, but have not yet heard back.

The New Orleans Police Department has not yet released the second incident report associated with the scuffle.

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