Dial Dalfred- How safe are conditions in Lafayette Parish Courthouse?

Photo: KLFY/ Dalfred Jones


Air sample results do not indicate the presence of an amplification of mold spores in air and therefore sampling results are not reflective of significant mold growth either visible or hidden.

There is no bias in the findings between the indoor air and outdoor air.

Stated alternatively mold spores present within the indoor air are reflective of mold spores in the outside air but at much lower concentrations. 


Original Story:

It’s a very important building here in Lafayette Parish but, but current renovations at the Lafayette Parish Courthouse may have put employees and important documents in harms way.

Fifty years after its construction, the Lafayette Parish Courthouse hasn’t seen many changes. Well, finally the building is getting some much needed attention. As the clerk’s office gets upgrades, the temporary placement of parish employees and and millions of files has the attention of Clerk of Court, Louis Perret.

While crews rip out the old and bring in the new, deputy clerks along with documents containing information on the entire parish of Lafayette, have been relocated to the 7th floor of the courthouse.

Clerk of Court, Louis Perret says, “This is something we’ve been working with the Lafayette Consolidated Government on for years. It’s part of the overall plan to renovate this building into a usable government building.”

As those renovations take place, temporary placement on the 7th floor presents a few issues like leaks and excessive dust, causing some workers to wear masks over their mouths and noses.

Deputy Clerk Elizabeth Brown says she struggles with the dust and now she along with another employee wear the masks. “Due to allergies, my doctor recommended that I keep it on.”

The 7th floor served as the jail many years ago. So, preparing it for a 21st century work environment took lots of labor, including the removal of asbestos.

Kevin Blanchard Public Works Director with LCG tells us, “We’ve done all the air quality checks up there, they’ve all come back fine. No particulate matter that is that a dangerous level. Based on today’s concerns about the leaks in the roof we’re going to go in on Sunday and do some more air testing and mold testing.”

According to Blanchard, after the test are ran on Sunday they should receive answers within the next 2 to 3 days, of course will be following up with him to check on those results.

When the courthouse was built in 1966, Lafayette’s population was around 80,000. Now, closing in on 240,000, space is becoming an issue. City-Parish President Joey Durel says, “Only the people can decide on when to build a new courthouse, and they say ‘no’ in 2006.”

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