Lawn & Garden – Veg Garden

Photo: KLFY

Chastant Brothers presents your Lawn and Garden

GARY: Today on your Lawn and Garden we’re talking about the Fall Garden. What happened in the spring, we had a lot of planting a lot of fertilizer and a lot of vegetables to don’t we?

JOHN: It all worked out real good. This is some silver queen corn that I grew. It did very well. You want to wait until the hairs are all brown before picking. Each hair takes care of one kernel. It pollinates from the tassels on top of the corn. If you’re missing some corn in here it is because you picked it too early. We still have sweet peppers, okra and now it is time to start putting your shallots in. You can plat these from August through November. These are real good for Gumbo.

We still have bugs in the garden right now so we have an organic product, Theracide. We also have Cyonara, not organic but still a good product. People that still have tomatoes, they’re not setting well right now. This is a spray that will make them set and make tomatoes.

Fall’s coming so start planting cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and stuff like that. At the store in the next month or so we’ll start having a lot of cabbage and everything. Keep up with your fertilization and your insects to control them before you put in your Fall garden.

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