LGMC security guards train for active shooter scenario

Credit: Dusty Crotchet/KLFY

An increase of shootings in public places is prompting employers to take proactive safety measures.

Lafayette General Medical Center is preparing employees with special training to handle an armed intruder.

Credit: Dusty Crotchet/KLFY
Credit: Dusty Crotchet/KLFY

Security guards at LGMC received life-changing training, courtesy of Cover Six Academy.

The Church Point based company uses real life scenarios to prepare workers in the case of an armed intruder.

Employees are shown how to apply medical attention within seconds of a person being wounded, inside the company’s mock hospital.

Cover Six has a medical and SWAT team doctor on hand to show participants how to apply bandages to stop bleeding.

The security guards are also taught to think and act quickly. Instructors also use real life gunfire, by shooting blank bullets, to show employees what it’s really like facing an active shooter.

“This class can teach you how to become a survivor and not a victim. We’ve learned that timing is everything and seconds are precious,” explains Michael Veazie, an LGMC security officer.

Credit: Dusty Crotchet/KLFY
Credit: Dusty Crotchet/KLFY

The academy also teaches workers how to use everyday hospital equipment to create barricades on the doors to keep the gunman out.

Hospital officials record the training scenarios to ensure that even future employees are educated.

Cover Six Academy says they customize each training based on the company.

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