Safety and awareness important for motorcycle safety

Photo: KLFY/ Carly Laing

In the peak of riding season there has been an increase in motorcycle accidents. First Turn employees say safety and awareness are most important for not just bikers but for everyone on the road.

“Be aware of your surroundings and drive as if you are invisible.” says Tim Richard.

Tim Richard, of first turn says motorists as well as bikers must be constantly aware of their surroundings to keep everyone safe on the roadways. Often times bikers are wearing all the proper equipment and following the rules of the road, but distracted drivers may not see them.

“So many people today are on cell phones and using other electronic devices and don’t normally see bikers.” says Richard.

Richard says as a bikers it’s your responsibility to protect yourself. He says one of the best ways to keep yourself safe  while on a motorcycle is wearing the proper clothing.

“Bikers need to be properly dressed, have their headlight working, wear clothing that is very visible, reflecting and make sure that you are seen while you are traveling.” says Richard.

Richard says accidents happen, but we can all do our part to make the road safe for all drivers.

“Always strive to be aware of your surrounding and to look for persons on motorcycles and bicycles. You know they have the right to travel on the freeway as well, so we need to be respectful of them and share the road together.” says Richard.

If you would like more information on training or motorcycle safety you visit Louisiana State Police’s website at

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