St. Landry Parish Constable claims self-defense in shooting

Photo: KLFY

A high ranking public official in Opelousas could soon be facing charges for firing a gun within the city limits.

Police say he allegedly fired a shot at an unidentified man. This incident happened near Vine and Landry Streets around 6:00 p.m. on Friday.

Public Information Officer for Opelousas Police Department, Corey Leger, say it all started as a road rage incident. “We received a call in reference to a road rage incident. It’s during that time officers responded and spoke to the subject out there.”

P.F.C. Leger says St. Landry Parish Constable, Eddie Thibodeaux, admitted to firing his weapon at an unidentified man.

News 10 contacted Thibodeaux who claims self-defense. Thibodeaux says he was driving when he and another motorist pulled over on the side of the road. Thibodeaux claims the man approached his vehicle and began hitting him in his face and that’s when he fired his weapon.

Leger says investigators are still searching for the other man involved. “The police department is actively looking for the other party who was involved who left the scene. We haven’t been able to locate him so we’re asking if anyone has information on the subject or who he is or has any information please come forward to the police department.” Leger says the two men did not know each other prior to this incident.

Alton Shelvin rides his motorcycle in this area daily. He was disappointed to hear a road incident escalated this far. “I look at that as you know it takes more of a man to swallow your pride or make the extra step or hey man I understand instead of step on my shoe I’m going to shoot you, you know.”

Thibodeaux was not booked and is not currently facing any charges.


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