State superintendent of education addresses “Common Core” at event in Lafayette

State Superintendent of Education John White, Photo: KLFY/ Renee Allen

On Monday, the State Superintendent of Education John White addressed attendees of the “September Supervisors Collaboration Event” held at Bayou Church in Lafayette. White talked about the higher expectations of state standards also referred to as “Common Core.” The superintendent explained that educators and students are in a transition period.  He said the goal is to outline the process of reaching higher standards and acknowledge it can be a challenge.

White said ACT scores are higher and graduation rates are higher. White explained students are rising to the expected level. “It’s harder for our kids and it’s important that people have the support they need so our kids can rise to the next expectations,” said White.

Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education member Dr. Holly Boffy represents nine parishes within District 7.

Boffy explained a subcommittee of educators have been charged with reviewing the higher standards.  In the spring, BESE is to receive the full committee’s recommendations. “The conversation today was about how we’re going to handle the transition and to make sure our educators know what’s going on,” noted Boffy.

Superintendent John White also explained test results of 2015 and 2016 will be used to help develop new baselines for the higher expectations.
“We are not going to use these results to hurt kids or denigrate educators.  We have to support their educators so that every child can hit the new expectations,” added White.

“Sometimes we forget the ground roots and try to do too much. Getting back to making education fun for them and wanting to come to school to enjoy education,” said Acadia Parish School Superintendet John Bourque.

White explained that collaboration meetings are held quarterly throughout the state.

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