FEMA opens appeal period for revised flood maps

Photo: FEMA

The following release is by Lafayette Consolidated Government:

FEMA has opened the 90 day appeal period of the revised flood maps.

The Lafayette Parish preliminary flood maps released by FEMA are a culmination of 2007 preliminary maps which have been under various appeals since that time, with the latest changes published December 19, 2014. Appeals are done to correct errors in the mapping process, and must include the technical data to show why the study and resulting maps were amended. The current appeal period began on August 20 and will continue for 90 days.

Once adopted, the maps will serve as the basis for Lafayette Parish’s flood plain management and insurance rating.

The maps can viewed by clicking on the “LCG’s Preliminary Flood Zone Map” link at www.lafayettela.gov/IS/GIS/Pages/Maps.aspx. The maps can also be found at the “Flood Map Portal” on LSU AGCenter’s website (www.lsuagcenter.com), on the “Map Service” at Lafayette Parish tax assessor’s website (www.lafayetteassessor.com), via www.riskmap6.com or FEMA Flood Map Service Center (www.msc.fema.gov).

For more information click here

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