Lafayette residents gather to discuss officer involved shooting

Photo: KLFY

Tuesday evening, community members gathered at Imani Temple in North Lafayette for a press conference concerning the shooting of a man running from authorities.

Press Conference Agenda
(Press Conference Agenda)

Officer involved incidents have triggered uprising and even riots in some parts of the country. Saturday’s shooting of 22-year-old Tevin Lewis has some members of the community angry, and others calling for peace.

Lafayette District 4 Councilman, Kenneth Boudreaux says “We see what goes on nationally and that doesn’t have to be Lafayette. I don’t want that to become Lafayette.”

Council Chairman Boudreaux made those comments as Lafayette police gave the latest information concerning the shooting. Corporal Paul Mouton says, “Right now we can’t say if what took place out there was correct or incorrect. I think it’s too early.”

Cpl. Paul Mouton added they are reviewing video captured by a home surveillance system and still have witnesses to question. Across town at Imani Temple, members of the NAACP and other organizations joined together in support of Ann Granger, the mother of Tevin Lewis. “My concern is that my child has been in the hospital since Saturday, I haven’t heard anything toward his condition.”

A press release from the police department on September 13th reads: “Lewis was transported to an area hospital and is in stable condition.” Some people at the meeting were still outraged because Granger could not see her son.

“He is under arrest. He has three warrants for his arrest. When he is released he will be incarcerated and for that reason we can’t have family and friends coming visit him at the hospital” said Cpl. Mouton.

Several residents of the Quiet Town community claimed to be eye witnesses and said Lewis did not have a weapon while running from the officer.

Takuna El Shabazz, member of the Community Counsel of Black Elders said “even if he had a weapon somewhere on him, that they may have claimed, at the point of which he was shot he was not a threat to the officer. There was no justification for that kind of reaction.”

Imani Temple Pastor John Wayne Milton also read from a list of demands they have for police the obey throughout their investigation, such as the officer involved– be terminated.

The Lafayette Police Department is being shadowed by Louisiana State Police throughout the investigation. Corporal Mouton says once the investigation’s completed, the District Attorney’s office can then determine whether the action taken that night was appropriate or not.

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