Northside High School to increase campus security

Credit: Elwood Shields/KLFY

Lafayette Police and the Lafayette Parish School System are taking some extra safety measures after a student was shot in Northside High School’s parking lot after a football game Friday night. Police say they’re beefing up police presence at all of the school’s home games to ensure safety.

LPSS Superintendent Don Aguillard says they’ll also be upgrading the school’s security cameras to high-definition systems.

Sergeant Randall Leger with Lafayette Police Department says the added security will not just be provided at the school’s football games, but at all of its extracurricular activities, including basketball games. Leger says the added officers will patrol all entrances in the front and back of the school. He says problems can arise when people hang out outside of the game with no intention of going in. Therefore, officers will also patrol the school’s parking lot and areas around the school.

KLFY’s Kellie Brown asked former students and community members how they felt about security at NHS.

Shannon Brailey attended Northside. She says football games are a family tradition for many, and no one should ever feel unsafe going to one. “Everybody should be able to go out and have fun and not have to worry about someone passing by and shooting with somebody getting hit with a bullet.”

“I definitely think it would be detour some of the violence. Some of the potential criminals out there that are trying to harm others, I think if they know that there are extra security out there they’ll probably think twice about it,” says community member Felicia Udomeh.

Although Northside is the only school set to receive extra security during games, Aguillard along with LPD say they are also looking into the amount of security provided at all of the other schools in the parish.

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