Abbeville family travels to Philadelphia to line streets to see Pope Francis

Photo: KLFY

In Philadelphia, one million people are expected to line the streets to catch a glimpse of Pope Francis.  Among the crowd will be a number of Acadiana residents. In fact, a family of four from Abbeville leaves on Tuesday. “We were fortunate for sure,” explains Sandy Dubois. Dubois will be going to Philadelphia with four of her daughters.

Dubois says planning the trip has been about 8 months in the making. The idea to attend the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia came to her after reading the St. Anthony Magazine. “God, if you want me to be there you’re going to have to make a way.  One day my oldest daughter Michelle called and said mom would you be interested in going; I have some friends from Lafayette. I said I would love it,” adds Dubois.

Dubois is packed and ready to leave on Tuesday. She says at the World Meeting of Families there will be guest speakers, cardinals, priests and lay people talking about family life and marriage. She says the discussion will be good for her daughters. “They have college kids, elementary kids, my youngest grandson is six. I think the talks are going to enhance their family life and give them hope for the future,” says Dubois.

“Saturday, he’s coming to the Festival of Families. The big Papal Mass is going to be on Sunday with a million people. I don’t know how close we will get. I hope we get to where we can see him,” explains Dubois.

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