Dial Dalfred- Discolored water, exposed pipes in Village of Palmetto

Photo: KLFY/ Dalfred Jones

In April of this year, we covered a story in Palmetto about yellowing water and what some considered expensive services.

Today’s concerns are a little different but related to water. One resident Reba Deshotels explains the issues. “Just on the other side of the driveway, there is a runoff from the septic tank. When it rains all of that runoff is going on these water lines.”

Deshotels says the pipes have been exposed for two weeks. Parish workers uncovered the pipes while expanding the ditch.  “It’s a health issue! It’s a concern!””

Another issue is the lack of security around the pipe connectors. Deshotels says, “Anybody can take these push connections off, put something toxic in the water lines and we can make them; go back down the road, turn the water on and nobody will know the difference.”

The problems do not stop there. Eleanor Phillips lives on Leger Road and says at times the water contains sand particles and on one occasion, it was purple. Deshotels says, “Looks like black pepper and salt to me.”

Palmetto Mayor Sunny Budden says the purple water was caused by back-flow of one resident’s water softener. Sometimes the customers see sand. That comes from the well whenever the system is flushed. He says, “The water is very safe and checked every day.”
As for the exposed pipes, he says he’ll get the utilities department to check it out before the end of the week.

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