Handicap ramp installed at Bisbano’s Pizza after complaints

Photo: KLFY

Bisbano’s Pizza has received several complaints about the building being non handicap accessible.

A ramp was installed over the weekend and customers are saying they are happy to see some changes.

A lawsuit was filed against Bisbano’s Pizza Parlor after a handicap customer complained the restaurant was not handicap accessible. The owners installed a handicap accessible ramp at the front entrance to help accommodate those needs.

A frequent customer of Bisbano’s Pizza Parlor, Alex Averitt says he thinks the ramp  was a great idea. “I like the changes for the wheelchair ramp. I can get my friend who is in a wheelchair up here to visit. I think she will be able to get into the restaurant. That’s really all I think he can do without harming his business.”

The owner said due to the age of the original structure and legal complications including zoning and the size of the lot has made reconstruction difficult. The price to remodel is also a major factor.

The owners have been talking with contractors to see what else can be done to the building to help better accommodate the needs of handicap customers.

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