Student arrested for drugs at Port Barre High School

Credit: Port Barre Police Department

The following is a release from the Port Barre Police Department:

On September 22, 2015, Port Barre police coordinated with the Port Barre High School administration to conduct a police K-9 walk through of the school. Police K-9s were passed by the school lockers and vehicles. While doing so, a police K-9 alerted on a vehicle in the student parking lot. Police had 18 year old High School Senior, Eddie Johnson of Washington, brought to the parking lot and told a police K-9 alerted on his vehicle and he was asked if there were any illegal narcotics in the vehicle. Johnson advised police he did have marijuana in the vehicle. Police search the vehicle and found a marijuana crushing device and a bag of Marijuana under the seat cover. Johnson was arrested and charged for Possession of Marijuana, Possession of illegal Narcotics in a School Zone and Possession of Drug paraphernalia. He has been released on a $3000 bond.

“We will continue to be a presence in our schools and we will continue bringing police K-9s  throughout the school year. Our goal is to ensure a drug free, safe environment for our students and faculty. There is no place for drugs and criminal activity in our schools. Students are there to absorb the education provided so they can have the necessary tools needed to build a successful future and they should not have to be distracted by those wishing to interfere with that by bringing drugs to school and engaging in criminal activity.”

To report suspicious or criminal activity in Port Barre, please contact the Port Barre police department at (337) 585-6212 or to leave an  Anonymous Tip, please call our Anonymous Tip Line at (337) 585-2345.  Students wishing to report criminal activity but wish to remain anonymous, can also call our Tip line at (337) 585-2345.

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