ATC suspends alcohol permit held by Lafayette nightclub

Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control Commissioner Troy Hebert announced Thursday he has revoked the alcohol license of a Jefferson Street night club after multiple citations alleging club owners allowed patrons to smoke marijuana on the premises.

The commissioner handed down the six-month suspension 10 days after a hearing between Hebert and owners of Southland Entertainment Inc., conducting business as B.E.D Niteclub & Lounge.

Hebert withheld ruling at the  hearing to address violations against the club, located at 209 Jefferson St., to gather more information on the alleged on-premises pot use.

“There was evidence I needed to collect before making a ruling,” he said.

Effective Sept. 25 at noon, B.E.D.’s state alcohol permit held by the club will be revoked for continuing to allow the use of illegal drugs inside the club. This was the third time the business has been cited by ATC for allowing illegal drug use on the premise.

B.E.D. previously entered into a consent agreement with ATC, requiring them to institute certain policies to prevent such illegal drug use, an agreement that Hebert said they did not follow through.

“This type of illegal drug activity will not be allowed in places that my office permits,” Hebert said.

Hebert also fined the business $5,000.

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