Lafayette bus drivers unhappy with work environment

Photo: KLFY

Some Lafayette city bus drivers say they’re unhappy with their current work environment. A meeting was scheduled for Thursday night to discuss a possible driver walk out after allegations of unfair treatment by a supervisor.

Some drivers say they’ve been disrespected and harassed by their supervisor and planned to meet Thursday at 7:30 in the parking lot of the Rosa Parks Transportation Center. But, a source tells us that drivers were asked not to speak to the media or they could lose their jobs.

Kevin Blanchard, Public Works Director for Lafayette Consolidated Government says he wasn’t aware of a walk out.

But, he says missing work without following proper protocol can be grounds for dismissal. Although Blanchard can not comment on personnel matters, he says the city will continue to address the issue. “These are things that are moving through, or were moving through the normal channels and obviously we have been and we will continue to do our best to run the traps and make sure that everybody is heard and that we figure out what’s going on.”

Blanchard says the city has enough backup systems to maintain transportation if drivers do choose to walk out .

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