Kittens born without eyelids to get sight-saving surgery

10-week-old kittens Anna and Elsa were born without eyelids. CBS BOSTON VIA MSPCA-ANGELL

Two kittens in Massachusetts, born without upper eyelids, are to undergo sight-saving surgery next week, reports CBS Boston.

MSPCA-Angell, an animal advocacy organization is raising money to help the two kittens.

Anna and Elsa.

The kittens, named Anna and Elsa, were rescued by a good Samaritan in August from a drainage pipe at a construction site in Dorchester.

When the kittens were found, they were scared, dirty, and skinny, and a veterinarian exam revealed that the kittens were born without upper eyelids, reports CBS Boston. The rare condition known as agenesis means the kittens are unable to blink or moisten their eyes. If left untreated, the condition leads to blindness.

The 10-week-old kittens were taken to the MSPCA-Angell in Jamaica Plain on Thursday so Dr. Martin Coster could check them out before next week’s surgery at Angell Animal Medical Center, reports CBS Boston. In December 2014, the ophthalmologist successfully performed a similar surgery on another cat.

The procedure, which involves surgically removing and transplanting tissue from the kittens’ lower lips to the muscles that control blinking, will likely cost more than $2,000, according to the MSPCA.

Elsa the kitten was born without upper eyelids.

CBS Boston reports the surgery will be paid for using money from a severely depleted fund, which pays for the medical expenses of homeless animals in the MSPCA’s Boston adoption center. To make a donation, visit the MSPCA’s fundraising page.

Following the surgery, the kittens will rest several weeks before they are put up for adoption. Anyone interested in adopting them can email

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