DOTD asking for public input on I-49 project

Photo: KLFY

Over the course of 18 months the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development will be gathering public input on the I-49 Lafayette Connector Project. DOTD explains the I-49 Lafayette Connector is a future 5.5-mile segment of limited-access highway that will extend I-49 from I-10 to the Lafayette Regional Airport.

The traffic along the Evangeline Thruway is normal activity for resident Betty Andres. Andres lives on the Evangeline Thruway. “Some people moved already.  When they said it was coming with an overpass straight down the Evangeline Thruway and curve it from I-10 to the airport.  That is right in the middle of our alley,” says Andres.

Andres says over the years she’s seen her share of bad accidents. If the road project leads to a safer commute for others, then so be it. Andres explains she’ll support it. “We don’t want to move.  We’ve been here.  That’s our property and home but if we have to move we will.”

Scott Harris is a business owner along the pending I-49 Lafayette Connector project.  Harris attended the public meeting Wednesday at the Rosa Parks Transportation Center to learn the when, where and why. “I also like to find out a little about how current landowners that will be affected will be treated and what will happen,” explains Harris.

DOTD’s spokesperson Deidra Druilhet explains the project will take place in three phases.  The first phase is about concept and design using the public’s input.  “One of the things we want to make sure is that this project is a community project.  It’s very important that we get input from the community.”

DOTD adds that status updates on the project will be made available at the website

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