LPD set to install cameras in high crime areas

Photo: KLFY

The Lafayette Police Department is set to install 52 cameras with most of them being placed in high crime areas.

LPD Public Information officer Paul Mouton says the cameras should be up and running by January 2016.

Some residents are all for it, while others say it’s unnecessary.

“Them cameras are coming right here to invade our privacy,” says one resident.

The council approved the department’s request for 700,000 dollars to buy the cameras and an additional 100,000 dollars a year to keep the system running.

Mouton says the location of the cameras will be carefully planned. “Upper Lafayette will have the majority of the cameras. We’re looking at statistical data to show where most of the crime is, where we’re having quality of life issues and also talking with council persons in regards to where in their districts they would like to see these cameras place.”

They’ll be state of the art high definition cameras, Mouton says this will also help find witnesses and criminals that may otherwise get away, “They are going to capture people coming and going from that particular area which is going to be important to investigators.”

One North Lafayette resident says police officers patrol his neighborhood around the clock. He says those tax dollars could’ve been used for something else. “If a crime doesn’t happen with all of the police presence that swinging through here how anybody can get away anyway. The cameras is just extra money. Money could’ve been used towards the homeless bed sleeping downtown.”

Mouton says there will also be a mobile police unit equipped with a camera. “The trailer will be mobile and it will be able to move about the city where cameras may not be able to be located or move as quickly.”

LPD says although most the cameras will be in North Lafayette, they will not be revealing exactly where.

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