Lafayette Parish firefighters keeping kids safe from fire

Photo Credit: KLFY

For the last month students from Lafayette Parish Schools have been learning about fire safety and Sunday they were rewarded for their hard work on National Fire Prevention Day.

October is National Fire Prevention Month.
Each year local fire departments team up with Lafayette Parish Schools to teach the importance of practicing fire safety.
Fire Chief Robert Benoit says this program is very important not just for the kids but for everyone.

“We know that kids go back and educate adults so by bringing the kids into the program they are also going to go back and teach the parents how to be fire safe.”” Said Chief Benoit.

This month’s theme is “Hear The Beep where You Sleep”, stressing the importance of having fire alarms throughout your home.
During the month students participate in different fire safety drills, write essays and compete in a poster drawing contest.
Kendra Courville is a 3rd grade teacher at Broadmoor Elementary, she says it’s best to start teaching the kids about safety at a young age.

“The earlier you start teaching them about it the more ingrained it becomes. The big thing is that it should be a natural reaction not something they have to stop and think about.”” Said Courville.

Courville says fire safety is a very important skill for young children to learn and it is also a very fun one to teach.

“When we are able to show kids a fire truck and get them on the truck and let them ride it around and all that kind of stuff it excites them while they are learning so they remember better.”” Said Courville.

Local fire departments have been promoting National Fire Prevention Month with local schools for the last 20 years.

In Lafayette, Im Carly Laing for KLFY News 10.


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