Marshals raid innocent family’s home after suspect parks stolen car in front

Photo Credit: Dalfred Jones/KLFY

An Iberia Parish family says they are now living in fear after Jeanerette City Marshals invaded their home while searching for a robbery suspect.

Nancy Landry told KLFY’s Dalfred Jones she woke up to flashing blue lights and voices outside of her bedroom window, “I looked through the blinds and I see the cops surrounding a car on the street so I wake my husband up and tell him, we need to see what’s going on.”

Scott Landry got out of bed and walked to the front door, “Right when I opened the door, there was four officers outside my house all pointing guns at me and said put your hands up! Put your hands up!”

Then two officers grabbed him and put him in the backseat of a squad car. Officers went back inside the home after learning others were in the home, including the Landry’s 17 year old son.

“Her son was asked to come out the room several times, two or three times,” Jeanerette City Marshal Fernest Martin said.

The Landry’s say their son’s bedroom door no longer closes after officers kicked it in.

Marshal Martin said his officers heard the word “gun.”  And they did, the Landry’s own a dog by the name of “Gunner”.

Nancy told KLFY, that her son was awaken by the banging on the door and told Gunner to stop barking once the officers identified themselves.

The officers were responding to a tip that a vehicle stolen from the scene of a robbery was parked in front of the Landry’s home. Two store clerks were badly beaten in that robbery at a nearby dollar store.

Martin says the officers responded accordingly, “We did is we were taught and trained as law-enforcement officers and that’s the bottom-line. When you can remove people from the premises, safe and sound and guess what, return them to their home, I’m satisfied with that.”

The Landry’s plan on contacting an attorney to see if any of their civil rights were violated in the process.

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