St. Martin Parish residents frustrated with recent burglaries

Photo Credit: KLFY

Several St. Martin Parish residents say they’re frustrated after a recent string of burglaries.

Grover Angelle, owner of Angelle’s Old Fashioned Burgers, told KLFY’s Carly Laing it’s been an ongoing problem, “They get out then they get arrested again. I think there’s a problem there.”

Elizabeth Stelly’s 25-foot saw mill was stolen from her shop off of Henderson Highway.

She said these crimes have become a reoccurring problem, “They are taken into custody and stay there a couple months then they are released. It’s been happening in the early hours of the morning and as a small community we are concerned.”

Stelly knows about 20 other people who have had items stolen from their homes. She said those residents want some answers.

They would like to see law enforcement increase patrols throughout the parish and stricter punishment for these crimes.

However, officials with the St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office say there has not been an increased in burglaries.

Major Ginnins Higgins issued the following statement:

“We have had crime prevention programs in place for many years which has always included proactive measures to decrease crime in St. Martin Parish. And the FBI Crime stats for St. Martin Parish are an indication of the effectiveness of these types of programs.”

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