Acadiana residents make the best of a rainy weekend

As you can see we are experiencing some nasty weather. Acadian hasn’t seen rain in over a month but despite the bad weather many say they are still trying to enjoy what’s left of their weekend.

Over the past several weeks Acadian has seen clear skies and warm temperatures, but that changed this weekend when the rain rolled into town.
For some, like Cassandra Bartholomew the rain put a dark cloud over their plans.

“Freight trail but the rain messed it up.”” Said Kyra Bartholomew.

Bartholomew had a fun weekend planned for her daughter and her firmed…but had to make a change of plans due to the heavy rain.

“We were going to go to boo at the zoo today that’s why I have both the girls with us but the weather kind of messed that up so we are out here in Lafayette trying to find other Halloween things to do.”” Said Cassandra Bartholomew.

While some said they didn’t like the nasty weather…others say it was nice to see some rain.
Reyna Mathai says she loves an excuse for a lazy day with family.

“I actually am really enjoying the rain because I get to stay inside and watch movies and it’s the first time in a long time I’ve been able to spend time with my family cause we both work a lot so I’m really enjoying it actually.”” Said Mahai.

Bartholomew says even though the rain altered their festive plans….she was happy she and her daughter got to spend the weekend together.

“We went to target and they are doing trick or treating today. We didn’t even know about it we caught it by chance.”” Said Bartholomew.

The bad weather is expected to last all day Sunday and carry over into Monday morning.


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