Lafayette Marshals searching for felony suspect

Authorities are currently looking for a fugitive who is wanted on a felony charge, according to the Lafayette City Marshal’s Office.

The suspect, Christopher Jones, was spotted on the 200 block of Lilly Street. When the Marshals tried to serve him a warrant he  from the marshals.

Jones is currently wanted in Lafayette and Calcasieu Parishes on multiple drug and weapons charges.

Paul Conrad, of the Lafayette Marshal’s Office, said officers did their best to catch Jones immediately after he ran, “A quick perimeter was set up. We attempted to track him with the use of k-9. However, no track was obtained.”

Their next step was notifying local businesses and making sure everyone was kept safe.

“We put two schools on lockdown. The career center and Paul Breaux Elementary. However, they were not in school today. Teachers who were inservice and on sight but protocol was followed and everything worked out. Nobody got hurt today,” Conrad told KLFY’s Brheanna Berry.

Justin Helton works and lives near where Jones escaped.

He saw officers with the Marshals Office circling the neighborhood while he was working, but didn’t think anything of it, “You have no idea what’s going on, you just hear about it after the fact that they have been looking for him for several hours.”

Helton knew there was someone on the run, but authorities did not give business owners any information on what Jones looked like.

“It’s kind of dangerous. But I don’t know anything about the man, what he looks like, what he’s being charged with and how to react to the situation.” Helton said.

In addition to his previous charges Jones will now face an added charge of resisting an officer.

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